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FAQs and Tips About Anvil Self-Storage in Oliver

Q: Are your self-storage units fire proof?

A: All our units are built with fireguard gyprock, and we adhere with all local fire regulations.

Q: Are there lights inside the storage units?

A: Yes. Don’t worry about packing and unpacking after dark, our units are well lit.

Q: Can I buy content insurance through you?

A: Great question. At this point we do not offer content insurance, but keep in touch! This service is coming soon.

Q: Does anyone else get access to my storage space?

A: You are the only one with access to your storage, unless there is an emergency or your items are abandoned by you. We can provide access in these special circumstances.

Storage Tips

1. Store clean items. Take time to clean items before packing, even curtains, so they don’t attract insects or create odors over time. It’s a time saver when you unpack in your new home because you won’t have to rewash items and clothing before hanging them up. If you are storing cleaned appliances, leave the door slightly open. Wiping metal surfaces with a light coat of machine oil will retard rust.

2. Packing up your office? Pile all your files and paperwork flat inside the box. We sell file boxes made specifically for moving your office, with easy-to-carry side handles. Cover office chairs and other furniture with large plastic coverings to keep them clean. We super-clean all of our storage units between uses.

3. Pack room items in one box. For example, pack your kitchen supplies together in boxes labeled for that room. When it’s time to unpack, move each box to its labeled room and you will save time and energy, plus items won’t get lost.

4. Wrap breakable dishware and other items in bubble wrap and make sure to label the top as fragile.

5. Cover your computer monitors with a soft blanket or towel to protect them from scratches or pack them in their original box if you still have it.

6. We now have heated storage units! Items that will not take below zero temperatures include instruments that can warp (such as guitars), electronics and plasma TVs are ideal for these units. To store electronics, access the instructions in the product manual. Dismantle electronic parts and cords and place small parts into a marked clear plastic bag. Pack electronics in the original boxes with the custom foam inserts if possible. Store electronics on a higher level so they do not get crushed and damaged under stacked weight of other items. Call now to reserve!

7. When packing clothing, launder all items and consider vacuum sealing. This compresses the fibers, extending the life of your clothing, preserves space, and protects clothing from dust. Store them within reach, to keep them handy in case you need them. Socks are great for placing in between other items as shock absorbers and to keep your boxed items tight and secure.


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